Electric planer


rated powerRated power120W
No-load speedNo-load speed16000/min
Planing widthPlaning width110mm
Planing depthPlaning depth0-3mm
Planing stepRabeting depth0-14mm
Gross weightG.W.12.0KGS
Net weightN.W.10.0KGS
Carton size Carton sizeCarton size48x41x25cm/2pcs
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1.1200W high-power motor, more effective for planing

2. Ultra-wide (110MM) bottom plate for more stable machine operation

3. New steel plate, easy to disassemble, eliminate flying knife

4. The round dust outlet can be connected to the dust bag/vacuum cleaner to keep the work site clean.

5. High-performance multi-ribbed belt and planer to effectively improve machine life

6。 With step planing function, the maximum planing step can reach 14MM

7. The front bottom plate has 3 V-shaped grooves of different sizes for different working needs.

8. Can be equipped with flip-chip brackets to meet different work needs

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